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Test Fixtures for Electronics Products

Automated test fixtures that ensure you ship quality products to your customers

Quality and consistency
Unit after unit

You've invested a lot to develop your product. Now use a Microlynx Test Fixture as part of your production quality process to protect that investment.
Microlynx can provide all the key elements of a test fixture: advice on designing for test, the fixture itself, the interface electronics within a fixture, and software to execute, store, and analyze test results.
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With a Microlynx Test Fixture you can:
  • Program processors and non volatile memory; assign serial numbers
  • Perform comprehensive, consistent, repeatable electrical testing
  • Calibrate and measure performance
  • Test single boards or entire panels

Our Test Fixtures Are Built for the Rigors of the Production Line

High Quality Clam Shell Fixture

Our Test Fixtures are made from premium materials, a heavy duty steel housing, machined mechanism parts, and thick, stable plates.

  • Designed for production floor use
  • Thousands of test cycles

Positive Interlock Mechanism

A dual interlock ensures the fixture is closed before the test pins are engaged.

  • Board under test consistently positioned
  • Cannot open fixture while pins are engaged

Top and Bottom Pin Plates

Pins on the bottom are standard but some applications require pins on the top or even on both sides.

  • Able to accomodate a wide range of contact points: test points, connectors, component pads
  • Tight alignment tolerances

Large Interconnect Area

Space for connectors for test equipment, power supplies, and computer interfaces.

  • No need to access the inside of the fixture
  • Interfaces include USB, Ethernet, DSUB, coax, and headers
  • Ample internal space for off-the-shelf or custom interface electronics

Test fixtures are a cost-effective way to realize the benefits of consistent testing, improved quality, and reduced warranty costs for even low-volume production quantities.

Services Provided

Microlynx provides a full range of services to meet your testing needs:

  • Test Process Consulting
  • Test Fixture Assembly
  • Interface Board Design and Manufacture
  • Test Software and Database Development
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