Our Services

Electronics Design

A complete suite of services for designing electronic devices.

  • Analog, digital, and RF design capabilities
  • High speed digital circuit design
  • ISM band wireless design including Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Custom RF circuitry for licensed bands
  • Low power designs, and designs for demanding environments
  • Complex multi-layer and multi-substrate PCB layout with controlled impedance
  • Altium and OrCAD design tools for schematic entry, BOM generation, PCB layout, and mechanical visualization


Coding experience over a wide range of ST and NXP ARM-based processors.

  • Eclipse-based development environments for C, C++, and assembly
  • Experience with a wide range of peripheral devices: I2C, SPI, USART, ADC, DAC, Mem Controllers, DMA, Timers, Video / LCD, USB, Ethernet, Power Mgmt, PWM, Motor Control
  • Protocol stacks for WiFi, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth
  • FreeRTOS for basic royalty-free real-time OS requirements
  • LwIP for light weight, royalty-free, TCP/IP stack


Experience and tools for simple through to complex FPGA-based designs with Altera and Xilinx products.

  • CPLD and complex FPGA designs
  • System-on-chip designs
  • Implementing with hardware-based and IP-based cores
  • High speed LVDS interfaces, gigabit Ethernet, SPI, UART
  • DDR2, DDR3, and other high-speed external memory interfaces
  • PLLs for clock synchronization / regeneration
  • Multi-clock domain design experience
  • Test benches


Windows and mobile app development.

  • Multi-platform C++ coding using the Embarcadero development environment
  • Visual Studio C# and Android Studio
  • Graphing and reporting plug-ins
  • Database drivers for accessing MySQL and SQL Server databases
  • Specializing in applications monitoring, managing, and analyzing hardware devices


Support services for taking your product through certification processes.

  • FCC and Industry Canada emissions testing
  • Hazardous environment certification
  • Electrical safety


Quick turn, low volume assembly capability.

  • Turnkey service, including parts and PCB ordering
  • PCB and system assembly
  • Programming and testing

Analysis and Review

Services to help define new products, assist with projects underway, or resolve issues with existing products.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Specifications and test plan review
  • Failure analysis
  • Design review
  • Design for test review
  • ESD / RF analysis

Obsolescence Management

Extend the life of electronic systems when components or modules are no longer available

  • Component substitution selection and review
  • Design of form, fit, and function compatible replacement modules